48 Boroughgate B&B Covid 19 Risk Assessment and Guest Guidance

 We have met all the Visit England ‘Good to Go’ criteria regarding hygiene, cleanliness and processes to ensure we are providing our guests with the maximum possible protection against COVID-19.

This risk assessment is to advise and protect the guests and owners of 48 Boroughgate B&B against the Corona Virus ( Covid 19 ). It is designed to highlight the potential dangers of the disease and the measures we have put in place to make 48 Boroughgate B&B a safe environment.

Prior to arriving at 48 Boroughgate B&B all guests will be required to provide an arrival time that is as accurate as possible. This is to help ensure that we can continue to welcome guests in a relaxed and stress free manner without the worry of other guests arriving at the same time. If other guests do arrive they will be asked to wait in the lounge a safe distance from the main hallway.

On arrival all guests will be asked to wash their hands with the sanitizer clearly provided in the porch area and hallway. It is essential that every guest washes their hands every time they enter the building. We will not be able to allow any persons at all to enter without washing their hands in the porch area. A sign on the entrance door will advise this.

On arrival, the front door will be open and the porch door will be locked and requires a four digit pass number for access. this will be sent to you on the day of arrival. The number pad and the porch door handle (which will also need to be used to open the door, are sterilised very regularly and after each use. Once you have your room key (which also includes a front door key, you should not need to use the number pad again, just your keys which will be sterilised before your arrival.

After entering the house, you will see a hall table containing an envelope bearing your name giving directions to your room (if we are not around). Your sterilised room keys will be in your bedroom door awaiting your arrival.

The porch and hallway will have a sign advising guests not to enter the area whilst other guests are there, to ensure a safe distance of 2 metres is kept. Another similar sign will be on display on the first floor landing. Guests will be asked to wait in their room, for others to either, enter the room they are staying in, or leave their room and landing area if they are going out.     
There will be a sign on the entrance to the lounge and breakfast area advising that it will be closed after 10.00pm as we will not be able to monitor this area after that time. During the day the public areas will be cleaned and disinfected by us, after each guest use, so it is safe for others to use.

We will maintain a continuous programme of wiping down regular use areas and items of contact throughout the day with a sterilizing cleaner.

We will ask guests to provide us with a breakfast time so we can maintain social distancing in the breakfast room and avoid people arriving for breakfast at the same time. We shall ask guests to keep to the same table each morning for breakfast throughout their stay as everything on the table will require cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing on their departure, ready for new guests. We will be wearing protective face coverings during breakfast and providing a totally table service menu. Our usual buffet of starters will not be available as normal but a choice of cereals will be available in single serving packets and we will make toast etc to order so everything we usually provide can still be ordered and served individually to your table.

During a guests stay we will only service a room showing the “Please clean the room” sign on their room door. We will only change towels that have been put on the floor in shower area.

The cleaning procedures we use for the arrival of every new guest will not change in the en suite area of the room as we clean everything from top to bottom with bleach and disinfectant as standard practise. We will introduce the use of a sterilization spray as part of our cleaning process in the bedroom area on top of our usual disinfecting and warm soap water washing routine. We will also steam clean all fabrics and room carpets. All scatter cushions and decorative throws will have been removed from the rooms prior to reopening as all bedding and towels will require disinfecting in a hot wash after each departure.