There is one Parking space on a tarmac strip between the lawns at the front of the B&B, this is available on request and is exempt from any Parking restrictions.

Otherwise, there is ‘on-road’ parking outside the B&B which is subject to Parking controls between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. When you arrive at the B&B in with your welcome letter you will get a parking disk with a ‘clock’ on it. Set the clock to your arrival time and display on the dashboard of your car. If you arrive after 6 you do not need to do anything. If you arrive at the normal check in time of 4pm, set the clock to 4 and you are covered for the rest of the day.

Parking restrictions start again at 8am the next day (except Sunday), so make sure you re-set the clock to say “8” if you go out in the evening. Now you will be covered until 11am the next day.

If you are staying multiple days with us and wish to leave your car all day, we can provide you with 24 hour permits so you can leave the car worry-free.