Walks near Number 48 – Flakebridge

Of all the walks near Number 48, this is one of our favourites

Approx 3 Miles

(See OS map OL19)
Near to Number 48 is Flakebridge.  A small woodland and Hamlet, popular with walkers and also pheasant hunters. The wood is pretty any time of year but in April and May, when the Bluebells are in flower, it is simply spectacular.
In the past, the Wood has been much smaller than it is today. In Thomas Jeffrey’s 1770 map of Westmorland, Flakebridge Wood appears to be only a third of its current size.
There is no empirical survey evidence of Flakebridge Wood existing before this point, however possible woodland is featured on Christopher Saxton’s 1579 map of Westmorland and Cumberland in the modern Flakebridge area. The Hamlet is not marked or cannot be found in any historic maps, as a result, the Hamlet’s date of founding or history remains unknown. There is physical evidence of a small house or settlement on the eastern edge of the Wood, nearby Burthwaite Farm, however, its origin or age remains unknown due to a lack of ruins or specific archeological evidence.

  •  From the B and B, walk downhill to the town and turn right at the bottom of the hill to walk along Bridge Street.
  • Cross the river and turn right at the ‘T’ Junction.
  • Walk up the hill and then turn left ono Drawbriggs Lane,
  • Then bear left onto Garbridge Lane (becomes Roman Road) and pass under the A66.
  • After a curve in the road, you will see Hungriggs Lane, it is not marked but it is the road to your right about 100 yards after you have crossed under the A66 on your right and then right again at a sign saying ‘Public Footpath’ down a narrow tree-lined path (this is called ‘Stank Lane’).
  • On Stank Lane you cross a stile and carry straight on, after a while you will pass a stile on the left and then cross a field on your right hand side and go through Stank Wood.
  • Eventually you reach a grassy ridge, at the end of which you will be able to see a signpost ahead of you.  Walk towards the signpost.
  • Take the right hand path which leads you to Well House Road.
  • On Well House Road you can turn left to enter the hamlet of Flakebridge or turn right to return home.  If returning home…
  • Walk down Well House Road (past a small Industrial estate) and over the railway lines.  At the bottom, turn right back towards Appleby.
  • After a hundred yards or so, turn left at a War memorial by a former church (see photo)
Turn left here for Jubilee Bridge
  • At the bottom of the lane, pass Bongate Mill and cross the footbridge (Jubilee Bridge) and cross the river.
Local History of the River
  • On crossing the river, the path climbs back up to the main road.  Turn right once you hit the road.
  • Walk along the high outer walls of the castle grounds, the road rises and, at it’s end is the main entrance of Appleby Castle and the top end of Boroughgate.
  • Cross the road and walk down the hill back to the B and B.