High Cup Nick

Of all the many things to do in the Lakes and Dales, exploring High Cup Nick should always be a top priority.

Affectionately known as ‘England’s Grand Canyon’, High Cup is a classic U-shaped glaciated valley high at the western end of the North Pennines.  It is a perhaps one of the finest, most spectacular walks in the country, featuring a spectacular ravine (High Cup Scar).  It is situated on the Pennine way and accessible from the Cumbria/County Durham border or, as described here, our very own Eden Valley, with the access point being only 6 miles from our door.

Whether travelling to the start by car or on foot, go down the hill from the B&B, turn right onto Bridge Street and cross the river Eden.  At the ‘T’ junction, turn left and follow the signs to Dufton (approx 6 miles).

Once in Dufton there is a (free) car park near the Bridleway.

There is a super resource for this walk, comprising full directions and maps here

There is much to explore in the Lakes and Dales, but how often can you say you have explored the  (English) ‘Grand Canyon?’